Customer’s Review

Ar. Bhupinder Pal Singh
Dr. Chamandeep kaur with kids

Very Useful product at very low cost:
“After pasting KMPL GURU we came to know that our Innova gives mileage of 19 kmpl at 70 Km/hr and 12 kmpl at speed of 100 km/hr. Earlier our monthly fuel bill was ₹ 7500 and now it is ₹ 6000. My saving is ₹ 1500 per month (₹ 18000 per annum). I will spend the money saved to gift a PC for kids.”

Company: Toyota
Model: Innova
Fuel Type: Diesel

Mr. Vinod Jindal (Banker)
Mrs. Asha Jindal (House wife)
Excellent product:
“When we got KMPL GURU pasted on our speedometer, we thought it may save 5% fuel. But after using it, we are saving 20% fuel. Now we know our car’s mileage at every speed. KMPL GURU has trained us to get more mileage as we know exact speed and gear. By investing ₹ 500/-, I am earning ₹ 1000 per month by saving. No FD gives such a return ”
Company: Maruti
Model: Alto 800
Fuel Type: Petrol

Mr. Ashok Arora (Engineer)

Excellent device to save 30% fuel:
“It took only ten minutes to paste it. There is no wire, no sensor. It is a sticker to paste. It motivates to drive at a moderate speed of 70-80 km/hr., ensuring more safety at road. KMPL GURU is thus combination of Economy & Safety. It is an excellent device to save 30 % fuel and that too at a price of ₹ 500 only!!!“

Company: Maruti
Model: Ertiga
Fuel Type: Diesel