Customer’s Review

Ar. Bhupinder Pal Singh
Dr. Chamandeep kaur with kids

Very Useful product at very low cost:
“After pasting KMPL GURU we came to know that our Innova gives mileage of 19 kmpl at 70 Km/hr and 12 kmpl at speed of 100 km/hr. Earlier our monthly fuel bill was ₹ 7500 and now it is ₹ 6000. My saving is ₹ 1500 per month (₹ 18000 per annum). I will spend the money saved to gift a PC for kids.”

Company: Toyota
Model: Innova
Fuel Type: Diesel

Mr. Vinod Jindal (Banker)
Mrs. Asha Jindal (House wife)
Excellent product:
“When we got KMPL GURU pasted on our speedometer, we thought it may save 5% fuel. But after using it, we are saving 20% fuel. Now we know our car’s mileage at every speed. KMPL GURU has trained us to get more mileage as we know exact speed and gear. By investing ₹ 500/-, I am earning ₹ 1000 per month by saving. No FD gives such a return ”
Company: Maruti
Model: Alto 800
Fuel Type: Petrol

Mr. Ashok Arora (Engineer)

Excellent device to save 30% fuel:
“It took only ten minutes to paste it. There is no wire, no sensor. It is a sticker to paste. It motivates to drive at a moderate speed of 70-80 km/hr., ensuring more safety at road. KMPL GURU is thus combination of Economy & Safety. It is an excellent device to save 30 % fuel and that too at a price of ₹ 500 only!!!“

Company: Maruti
Model: Ertiga
Fuel Type: Diesel

Mrs. Inderpreet Kaur (Teacher)

Great device to save fuel:
“Before buying KMPL GURU, I did not know mileage of my activa at different speeds. So, I was driving at random speeds. After using KMPL GURU, I know mileage of activa at each speed. Now, I drive at speed to get mileage of my choice. I am saving approximately 20% of fuel by using KMPL GURU.“

Fuel Type:Petrol

Mr. Lovepreet Singh (Student)

Made my ride soft, stable, cost efficient and enjoyable
“In city driving, control on speed depends on traffic. Fuel saving in city condition is 10%. My village is 30 km away from my place of work. Fuel saving on low traffic roads is up to 30%. kmpl GURU convinced me to drive at 50 km/h instead of 70 km/h. Now my ride is soft, stable, cost efficient and enjoyable. Believe me there is hardly any change in travel time!“

Model:HF Deluxe
Fuel Type:Petrol

Mr. Ketan Bansal (Business Man)

“I was spending ₹ 1000 per month on fuel for my activa. My vehicle mileage was below my expectation. Use of KMPL GURU made me informed and efficient driver. Now my fuel bill has reduced by ₹ 200 per month and I am happy with performance of my activa. It gives me pleasure when I find my fuel emissions have gone down by 20%. GO GREEN YOUNG INDIA!“

Model:Activa 3G
Fuel Type:Petrol