Benefits of KMPL GURU

KKeeps you and your family Safe on Roads
Drive your vehicle as per KMPL GURU to gain higher fuel effiiency and to increase your and your family’s safety on roads.
Most Simple to use Fuel Saver
Compared to all other fuel saving devices, KMPL GURU is most innovative yet the simplest way to save fuel. Its innovation lies in its simplicity.
PProvides Learner Support
Guides the driver (especally learner) about when to change gears as and when the speed varies.
LLow cost
KMPL GURU costs only ₹ 250/- (Offer price ₹ 150/-, 40% discount) for 2 wheelers and ₹ 500/- (Offer price ₹ 250/-, 50% discount)for 4 wheelers.

GGives Instant feedback
Provides instant feedback of Fuel Efficiency and Suggests right Gear simultaneously to the driver to gain high fuel efficiency.

UUnmatched Fuel saving
KMPL GURU is tested and saves upto 30% fuel of the vehicle.

RReduces Maintenance for vehicle
Drive your vehicle as per KMPL GURU and get higher fuel efficiency and lower maintenance cycle.

UUndoubtedly Efficient
KMPL GURU is made after rigorous testing so it is efficient and serve its purpose.